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Promoting Biblical values in legislation & the ballot box.

Mobilizing Christians to stand up, speak out, and vote.

Making sense of the ever-complex problems we face.

The faith community should be on the forefront of political, cultural, and religious thought.
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Mobilizing Christians to stand up, speak out, and vote.

We're building a movement where the redemptive, liberating reality of Christ permeates through every area of public life.
“In the book of Jeremiah, the prophet says to seek the 'welfare' of the city. That's a Biblical mandate for you and I to seek the peace, prosperity, deliverance, and salvation of the nation.️”
Tanner DiBella – President

If satan rules in the halls of legislation,
it is because of the pulpits.

Educating the Faith Community
We're educating and equipping the Church on civic engagement, American history, and the most important issues of our day through the lens of Scripture.
Mobilizing the Faith Community
We're mobilizing the faith community to run for local and state office, host voter registration drives, and support public policy that is pro-life, pro-family, pro-parent, and pro-freedom.

Mobilizing Christians to
stand up, speak out, & vote.