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Raising Culture Reformers & Redeemers

The Foundation is equipping and empowering the faith community to redeem culture.

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The Foundation is equipping Christians
to seek the welfare of the nation.


We analyze policy trends, current events, and explore solutions to a variety of America's political, cultural, and religious problems.
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We develop comprehensive material on American history, Biblical truth, and civic engagement.
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We support a variety of philanthropic projects to recruit, train, and empower world-changers in public policy, education, and culture.
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Restoring the Reputation of the American Church

The Foundation is a catalyst for God's people to grapple with the most pressing issues facing culture, society, and the Church in such a way that is redemptive, compelling, and courageous.

For years, the American Church's reputation in Western Culture has deteriorated. We believe that in order for the Church to be an effective impetus for change, She must be the source of truth, love, and intellect.