On Earth as
it is in Heaven.

We activate the conservative voice through voter guides, messaging campaigns, digital and grassroots advocacy, and voter mobilization.


We're fighting for you and your families.

The Council is promoting Biblical values in legislation, the ballot box, and in culture. Since the 1960's the moral decay we have witnessed is almost tangible, and it will require the awakening of the Church, its people, and our families to see the restoration of America.

The American Council has three priorities: (1) advocating for Biblical principles in legislation, (2) building the next generation of Christian leaders in government, and (3) educating the Church on how to stand up, speak out, and vote.

About the Council

1. Education

We build rich, diverse education resources, Bible studies, and workshops for the Church and the faith community empower themselves to engage in civics.

2. Engagement

We believe an educated Church should be an engaged Church. That's why we provide practical ways to engage in local, state, and national issues like legislation.

3. Mobilization

We want to see a generation of righteous men and women answer the call and run for public office in their communities.

We're building a new eCourse platform to empower the faith community.

The Council has brought on some of the worlds most renowned educators and influencers to discuss history, politics, theology, and more!