The Church has seen continued persecution in the last years, and it's our responsibility to stay informed and ever watchful.

Are you tired of the fight?

The political climate is almost palpable, choking out even the most committed, passionate, and resolved of us. People are battle-weary and exhausted. The last 18 months have been a constant fray. Whether it be the pandemic, racial upheaval, government overreach, the shutdown of Churches and businesses, education reform, or ludicrous legislation — it seems that the array of fronts for faith-filled parents, pastors, and community members is never-ending.


Is the Church too political?

Like the white collective in the 1960s, the Church is split. Many believe the role of the Church is not to engage in politics; that the bride of Christ should focus on more lovely, peaceful, and productive spiritual matters.


Was Jesus a Sexist?

Not only is Jesus not a sexist, but rather, there is nobody in all of human history who loved, believed in, amplified, gave leadership to, protected, and honored women more than Jesus. He was pro-women in the beginning, throughout all of Scripture, and He is pro-women now. The heart of Jesus is the heart of the Father: Renewal and restoration, not hierarchy and suppression.


The Prevailing Church

Sadly, many of us in church have been content to withdraw from society because of deficient theological views. My Bible tells me that the gospel is transformative for people, families, and communities. Martin Luther said, “A gospel that does not deal with the issues of the day is not a gospel at all.”


What exactly does the First Amendment mean for Churches during COVID-19?

For millions of Americans, going to Church on Sunday was as routine as work and time with family. Religious ceremonies across the nation have been a source of spiritual, emotional, and social healing.


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