About Me

Rachel Storment has been leading worship in the Sacramento area for over a decade. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from William Jessup University in 2012 and is the full time worship pastor at Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin, CA. She is passionate about teaching others how to connect with God through their unique Divine Design, and is committed to living a life devoted to making Disciples of Jesus. Her greatest blessing in life is to be a wife to her husband, Zach and a mother of her two children.


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Should Christians Get the Vaccine?

We are here, several months later with the creation of a vaccine that continues to divide the thoughts of even the most devout evangelicals in our Nation. With further Government ‘mandates’ which potentially violate a person's deeply held moral beliefs and opinions, we are faced again with the question: What does the Lord ask of us in this season?


Was Jesus a Sexist?

Not only is Jesus not a sexist, but rather, there is nobody in all of human history who loved, believed in, amplified, gave leadership to, protected, and honored women more than Jesus. He was pro-women in the beginning, throughout all of Scripture, and He is pro-women now. The heart of Jesus is the heart of the Father: Renewal and restoration, not hierarchy and suppression.


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