Worst Bills Pending in the CA Legislature

June 20, 2021

We have seen every known perversion come out of the California State Capitol. Currently, there are dozens of bills pending that would have a devastating impact on families, communities, schools, and children.

Assembly Bill 1184: Insurance Use for Minors

Allows minors to use parent's insurance for services like abortion without parent's consent or knowledge.

Action Step: Contact the Assembly Judiciary Committee

Assembly Bill 101: Mandatory Ethnic Studies

Creates a mandatory graduation requirement to take Ethnic Studies & Critical Race Theory.

Action Step: Contact your legislature

Senate Bill 57: Drug Injection Sites

Establishes injection sites for drug users to use under medical supervision (pilot program).

Action Step: Contact the Assembly Health Committee

Senate Bill 245: Free Abortion Services

Would mandate insurance companies to cover abortion services. Cannot charge co-pay or deductible.

Action Step: Contact your legislature

Senate Bill 357: Prostitution Loitering

Restricts police offers from intervening in clear prostitution happening in public.

Action Step: Contact your legislature

Senate Bill 380: Assisted Suicide

Removes current safeguards and removes the 2025 sunset period for bill. Also removes 15-day waiting period.

Action Step: Contact the Assembly Health Committee

Senate Bill 519: Legalizes LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs

Legalizes psychedelic drugs (i.e. LSD, Magic Mushrooms, and Ecstasy) for those over 21 years of age.

Action Step: Contact your legislature

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