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Partner with Heaven and pray for your state, nation, elected leaders, the Church, and more.

Pray for Local Leaders

Gracious Heavenly Father, You alone are the author of Wisdom. We petition You, on behalf of our local governance to guide and direct the steps of those who are in leadership.

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Pray for State Leaders

Heavenly Father, you know all our Leaders by Name. You know the intimate details of their lives, and You love them with an everlasting Love.

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Pray for Election

Gracious Father, we thank You for blessing us with the opportunity to live in this great Nation. We recognize that we are spared so many of life’s hardships simply by living in a Free Country.

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Pray for our State

Lord, we ask your forgiveness. We have not been a righteous people; we have not exalted Your commands, and we have been a state full of sin that has burdened Your Heart.

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Pray for Revival

Mighty God, we pray by the power of the Holy Spirit, that you would bring revival to our land. We pray that even now You would begin to do the mighty work of transforming hearts of stone in to hearts of flesh.

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Pray for Christians to Stand Up

Lord, we know that you have created each one of Your Children with a God-given purpose and call on their life. Right now, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, we pray You would cause men and women to rise up & walk in their calling.

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