A new study on God, Government, & our American Heritage.

We've teamed up with some of the nation's most influential historians and theologians to release a new masterclass called We the People.
Learn American history and God's hand woven throughout our founding.
Walk away with a Scriptural understanding of social and political movements.
Gain an understanding of how Scripture tells us to engage in politics.
we the people

A New Masterclass about our American Heritage.

In this masterclass, we talk about some of the most pressing issues of our time through the lens of Scripture.
Is America a Christian Nation? 
Christian Influence on Government
Social Justice & Black Lives Matter
The LGTBQ Movement in America
and so much more!


In a Pew Research Study, 22% of American's could not name a single branch of government.


Almost 4/10 people in America cannot name a single right given in the First Amendment.


It is estimated only 30% of 4th-12th grade students are proficient in civics.


In a Pew Research Study, only 56% of Americans could name all branches of gov't.

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“Our national heritage is replete with references to our Creator. It's time we learn American history.”
Julianne Benzel
Chief Historian, We the People
Common questions

Have Questions about the We the People eCourse?

Can my church offer it as a Bible Study?
Yes! We developed the Masterclass as both an individual eCourse but also for churches to use as corporate studies. You can buy the church study here or email us at "info@theamericancouncil.org"
Why do you charge for the Masterclass & Study?
As you can imagine, the production of this masterclass was tremendously expensive. As a Church, if you cannot afford the study, email us and we'd be happy to provide the study at no charge.
Will you be releasing more content in the future? 
Yes! We're building a new eCourse platform called FaithEdx, where we will be regularly releasing new courses and studies on civics, culture, politics, and faith.
Do you have supplemental material for church studies?
The Church Study does have a optional leaders guide available for purchase that will help you facilitate questions, etc.
Is the Masterclass conservative or liberal?
We purposefully developed the Masterclass to be non-partisan. We do not shy away from the hard topics, but we do not side with a specific political ideology in the Masterclass.

Launching January 2022.